In the perspective section of INK, we aim to bring together different perspectives on current topics of interest. From discussions of the issues at hand, we hope to initiate a dialogue between the experts, the society and our readers. With increasing globalization there are problems that require interdisciplinary and innovative thinkers like you to participate in developing multimodal solutions. As a start, we aim to bring such topics out into the discussion arena. With awareness of the different perspectives on real world problems, you, our graduate student readers, get an opportunity to discuss and ideate on practical solutions – the perspective section aims toserve as a platform for this. With these two ambitious aims, we are interested in to your voice on all topics under discussion. Feel free to mail in your opinions to perspectives@ink-journal.com and participate in the awesome topics we discuss!

There’s something for every kind of nerd (or not) at the Perspective niche at INK!



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